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The selections shown here represent the currently best-selling dramas from the "Art House & International" category. (If the box below displays generic product links, please click the "Refresh" or "Reload" button in your browser's toolbar.)

For a complete listing of video titles from France, click here. To search for videos particular to any region, film genre, director, or performer, simply enter your keyword(s) in one of the search boxes below.


In order to offer you the widest possible selection, we provide two different search boxes:

    (1.) The one on the left will present you with products from our U.S. catalogue, which are shipped from distribution centers in the U.S. For residents of the North American continent, the shipping costs from this catalogue will be most economical.
    (2.) Some products — such as non-subtitled native French-language editions or other videos from European distributors — may not be available from the U.S. catalogue. In these instances, you may wish to search the French catalogue (on the right). The resulting pages will be in French, and products shown will be shipped from distribution centers in France. (see chart for worldwide shipping charges)
    Please note: VHS video titles in the French catalogue will most often be offered in the SECAM format, which is not compatible with most North American players. Similarly, DVD titles from the French catalogue may be encoded to play only on players sold in Europe. Read the product description carefully to be certain before making a purchase from the French catalogue, if you live in North America or other regions outside of France.

Search Tips: try the keywords "France" and "travel" to find assorted travelogues or documentaries. To locate videos about Provence or castles of the Loire valley, simply enter the keywords "Provence" or "Loire". If you prefer to see movies featuring a particular performer, you can enter their full name or just the last name — such as "Sophie Marceau" or "Belmondo". You may also wish to try keywords for specific directors — such as "Cocteau" or "Louis Malle".

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